Map of ships on the construction of the northern stream - 2.
Vessels that are involved or may be involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2.

Pipelayer Academician Chersky, IMO 8770261; Stoner Bravenes, IMO 9756200; Stacker Flintstone, IMO 9528433; Pipelayer Fortuna, IMO 8674156; Pipelayer Rockpiper, IMO 9583861; The patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise"

-- North Stream 1 (grey line)

-- Wind Farm EnBW Baltic 2 (green line)

The escort ship Yaroslav the Wise lagged behind Academician Chersky: on March 30, according to the statements of the Russian Consulate General in Cape Town (South Africa), the ship entered the port of Cape Town to replenish supplies.
By this time, the ship Akademik Chersky, bypassing this port, was removed from it by about 1000 kilometers to the north-west, into the depths of the ocean. It is not known how long Yaroslav the Wise stood in the port, but Chersky went far enough. In addition, Yaroslav the Wise went to the port with the barge "Yelnya".

List of vessels involved in the construction of the Nord Stream - 2
Pipelayer Academician Chersky, IMO 8770261
Stone layer Bravenes, IMO 9756200
Flintstone, IMO 9528433
Fortuna pipe layer, IMO 8674156
Rockpiper pipe layer, IMO 9583861

MRTS Defender

Ship on the map:

IMO: 9528433 MMSI: 245861000 Type: Pipe Burying Vessel
IMO: 8674156 MMSI: 273395690 Type: Pipelay Crane Vessel
IMO: 9756200 MMSI: 244860916 Type: Pipe Burying Vessel
IMO: 8770261 MMSI: 273399760 Type: Pipe Layer
IMO: 9583861 MMSI: 209449000 Type: Pipe Burying Vessel
IMO: 8613334 MMSI: 27315248 Type: tug
Akademik Pashin
IMO: 9778193 MMSI: 273399750 Type: Oil Products Tanker
IMO: 9624213 MMSI: 273413540 Type: Supply Ship
IMO: 9624225 MMSI: 273459710 Type: RMRS, Offshore Supply Ship
SB 738 Professor Nikolay Muru
IMO: 273544130 MMSI: 273544130 Type: tug
Ievoli Blue
IMO: 9421714 MMSI: 247279900 Type: Offshore Tug Supply Ship
IMO: 9171620 MMSI: 273397740 Type: Offshore Tug Supply Ship
Vladislav Strizhov
IMO: 9310018 MMSI: 273312530 Type: Offshore Tug Supply Ship
IMO: 9474462 MMSI: 273393190 Type: Offshore Tug Supply Ship
IMO: 9272412 MMSI: 273212470
total vessels: 15