Cruise ships and other vessels with coronavirus on board (Covid-2019) + military
Map of cruise liners whose passengers have identified or suspected coronavirus.
The list of liners is dated April 20, 2020 (updated).

The American aircraft carrier recorded about 80 cases of infection with coronavirus.
58 members of the Dutch submarine Dolfein also confirmed the presence of infection.

A list of all cruise ships with a coronavirus can be found under the map.
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April 7: Container ship Cma Cgm Pregolia, IMO 9745500 is in quarantine (Now located on Bronka (near St. Petersburg): “Entrance to the board is prohibited before the check of this crew member for the presence of COVID-19 is completed.
The vessel is currently in quarantine, cargo operations are not performed, we are waiting for additional information from the CMA agent "
April 8: Cruise ship Greg Mortimer - 81 positive test for Coronavirus (Uruguay)
Suspected virus infection among crew members of French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (crew: up to 2,000 sailors)
April 9: 3 more American aircraft carriers detected people with coronavirus on their sides: aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan (2 cases), aircraft carrier Carl Vinson (1 case), aircraft carrier Nimitz CVN-68 (1 case). And also confirmed the case of infection on the universal landing ship type 'WASP' USS Boxer (LHD-4) - dated March 17, 2020.
April 11: 6 coronavirus test positive for MS Pride of America crew
for April 12-20, cruise ships were added: Disney Wonder, Celebrity Flora, Liberty Of The Seas, Oasis Of The Seas, Horizon, Ms Rotterdam, Celebrity Eclipse

April 4: + cruise ship Artania
April 5: on the Coral Princess ship, two dead from Coronavirus and at least 12 passengers with a positive test for it

List of cruise ships with coronavirus:

Artania (holds 800 passengers / 800 passengers holds)
MS River Anuket River Cruise - 45 Positive Tests for SARC-CoV-2 (March 6, 2020)
MSC Bellissima (holds 5700 passengers / 5700 passengers holds) -
Costa Diadema, IMO 9636888, cruise ship - on board - at least five cases of coronavirus infection. Among the crew there are 13 Russians.

Braemar (holds 970 passengers / 970 passengers holds)
Celebrity Solstice (holds 3145 passengers / 3145 passengers holds)
Coral Princess (holds 1000 passengers / April 5: 2 dead and at least 12 have a positive coronary virus test)
Costa Favolosa (holds 3800 passengers / 3800 passengers holds)
Costa Luminosa (holds 2826 passengers / 2826 passengers holds)
Costa Magica (holds 3470 passengers / 3470 passengers holds)
Costa NeoRomantica (holds 1697 passengers / 1697 passengers holds)
Costa Smeralda (holds 6518 passengers / 6518 passengers holds)
Costa Victoria (holds 2394 passengers / 2394 passengers holds)
Diamond Princess (holds 3286 passengers / 3286 passengers holds)
Eleftherios Venizelos (IMO 7907673) - 120 positive tests for Covid-19 (April 2).
Grand Princess (holds 3199 passengers / 3199 passengers holds)
Greg Mortimer - 81 Positive Coronavirus Test (Uruguay)
Ovation of the Seas (holds 4905 passengers / 4905 passengers holds)
Ruby Princess (holds 3861 passengers / 3861 passengers holds)
Silver Explorer (holds 173 passengers / 173 passengers holds)
Silver Shadow (holds 466 passengers / 466 passengers holds)
Siem Marlin (at Lagos, Nigeria)
Voyager of the Seas (holds 3938 passengers / 3938 passengers holds)
Westerdam (holds 2455 passengers / 2455 passengers holds)
World Dream (holds 4,500 passengers / 4,500 passengers holds)
Zaandam (holds 1850 passengers / 1850 passengers holds)

Container ship Gjertrud Maersk IMO 9320233 (9.074 TEU): March 17, 2020, one positive test for coronavirus by a crew member. (Ningbo, China)

Quarantine on the Container ship Cma Cgm Pregolia, IMO 9745500 (specified ..)

Floating hospitals:
Comfort, IMO: 7390478
Usns Mercy, IMO: 7390454

In addition to cruise ships, the coronavirus was also detected on warships and even a submarine.

Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier recorded about 80 cases of infection with coronavirus.

So, according to bbc: "The submarine of the Dutch fleet Dolfein prematurely ceases combat duty in the North Sea and returns to base due to an outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Eight out of 58 crew members of the submarine have already officially confirmed the diagnosis of Covid-19."

Ship on the map:

IMO: 7390478 MMSI: 368817000 Type: Naval Naval Auxiliary
Usns Mercy
IMO: 7390454 MMSI: 367816000 Type: Naval Naval Auxiliary
IMO: 9000699 MMSI: 311541000 Type: Cruise Ship
Celebrity Solstice
IMO: 9362530 MMSI: 249409000 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9479852 MMSI: 247311100 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9398905 MMSI: 311001201 Type: Passenger (Cruise) Ship
Costa Magica
IMO: 9239795 MMSI: 247113300 Type: Cruise Ship
Costa Neoromantica
IMO: 8821046 MMSI: 247817000 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 8821046 MMSI: 210038000
Diamond Princess
IMO: 9228198 MMSI: 235103359 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9781889 MMSI: 247391900 Type: Passenger Ship
Costa Victoria
IMO: 9109031 MMSI: 247109000 Type: Cruise Ship
Grand Princess
IMO: 9104005 MMSI: 310327000 Type: Cruise Ship
Msc Bellissima
IMO: 9760524 MMSI: 248992000 Type: Cruise Ship
Ovation Of The Seas
IMO: 9697753 MMSI: 311000397 Type: Cruise Ship
Ruby Princess
IMO: 9378462 MMSI: 310567000 Type: Cruise Ship
Silver Explorer
IMO: 8806747 MMSI: 311562000 Type: Cruise Ship
Silver Shadow
IMO: 9192167 MMSI: 308628000 Type: Cruise Ship
Voyager Of The Seas
IMO: 9161716 MMSI: 311317000 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9226891 MMSI: 244128000 Type: Cruise Ship
World Dream
IMO: 9733117 MMSI: 311000318 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9156527 MMSI: 246442000 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 8201480 MMSI: 311000608 Type: Cruise Ship
Coral Princess
IMO: 9229659 MMSI: 310376000 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9408994 MMSI: 657173500 Type: Offshore Supply Ship
IMO: 9408994 MMSI: 657173500 Type: Offshore Supply Ship
Costa Diadema
IMO: 9636888 MMSI: 247353700 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 7907673 MMSI: 237628000 Type: Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship
IMO: 9834648 MMSI: 311000866 Type: Passenger (Cruise) Ship
IMO: 9834648 MMSI: 311000866
Cma Cgm Pregolia
IMO: 9745500 MMSI: 248659000 Type: Container Ship
Gjertrud Maersk
IMO: 9320233 MMSI: 220414000 Type: Container Ship
Pride Of America
IMO: 9209221 MMSI: 366994450 Type: Cruise Ship
Celebrity Eclipse
IMO: 9404314 MMSI: 249666000 Type: Cruise Ship
Celebrity Flora
IMO: 9837925 MMSI: 735059945 Type: Cruise Ship
IMO: 9122552 MMSI: 311000987 Type: Passenger (Cruise) Ship
IMO: 9122552 MMSI: 311000987
IMO: 8807088 MMSI: 249727000 Type: Cruise Ship
Oasis Of The Seas
IMO: 9383936 MMSI: 311020600 Type: Cruise Ship
Liberty Of The Seas
IMO: 9330032 MMSI: 309436000 Type: Cruise Ship
total vessels: 40