Celebrity Yachts
A map of the yachts of oligarchs, government officials, Hollywood producers, multimillionaires, their children, wives, lovers, lovers and other rich and not very people.

Where are they waiting for the coronavirus epidemic?

Where are they moving, for what?

Let's display it on one map and it may be possible to find some relationship between this all.

Find a boat you like and envy!

Ship on the map:

IMO: 1009613 MMSI: 310593000 Type: Yacht (Service ship)
IMO: 1011551 MMSI: 378374000 Type: Yacht
IMO: 1012880 MMSI: 538071277 Type: Yacht
Sy A
IMO: 1012141 MMSI: 310763000 Type: Yacht
IMO: 9692545 MMSI: 319879000 Type: Service Ship
total vessels: 5