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The vessel search will be shown on a map with the current location (possibly in real time).

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When the vessel cannot be found: About 93% of the positions of Class A vessels (container vessels, tankers) are issued in the interval of two hours or more often. Sometimes the coordinates of the vessel cannot be determined immediately, in this case it is necessary to wait (or use a paid request, for this it is necessary register)

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Global digital map of the movements of vessels delivering supplies within scope of a grain deal from three ports of Ukraine

SHIPINFO is committed to supporting ecology and initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and cleaning up the oceans.

If you could not find the vessel online in real time, try to determine the coordinates later (or use the paid version). We record the movement of ships that are of interest to the audience or ourselves. We track a wide variety of vessels of all types: tankers (oil, gas, alcohol, etc.), container ships, passenger ships, cruise ships, tugboats, barges, engineering (research) vessels, workmen, icebreakers, fishing vessels, yachts, and many others

List of all Coronavirus ships
About 20 vessels identified passengers with coronavirus. look at the map

If you didn’t succeed, have any advice, complaint or suggestions -- write to us. We constantly put different experiments and introduce new functionality, there are a lot of ideas, but not all are in time.

Most popular ships on the map (on request for the last 30 days)