Recent vessels visits to the port and vessels passing by the port in recent times (indicative data).
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Recent vessels near the port (coming in or passing by):

Shipping companies (lines) whose ships most often called at the port :

MEDKON LINES, traffic: 44
Megatrans Uluslararasi Deniz, traffic: 42
Pasifik Lojistik Grubu, traffic: 27
Armador Gemi, traffic: 24
Imamogullari Kum Cakil Satis, traffic: 22
Bromarine Nakliyat ve Ticaret, traffic: 21
Victoria Maritime Trading Ltd, traffic: 21
Midocean IOM Ltd, traffic: 19
AMASUS SHIPPING, traffic: 17
Navitramp Freight Agency Ltd, traffic: 16

Frequent port vessels:

Types of vessels calling at the seaport :

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